Troubleshooting Ellie Mae Encompass360 on a Workstation

When troubleshooting issues with Encompass360 9.1 verify the operating system is compatible and third-party applications used by Encompass are set as default & compatible as well. Here is a list of System Requirements.

Last Updated: 9/17/2014 Comments are now CLOSED

I have found success using Encompass360 with –

  • Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
  • Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit) set as the default browser (DocsDirect and other services have issues with the 64-bit version)
  • Up-to-date version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat 9 or X set as the default PDF handler
  • Any version of Office 2010 except Starter, Home & Student, or the Click-to-Run version included with new PC purchases
  • Primary Internet being a decent broadband source and a wired network connection (Good luck on a cellular hotspot, satellite Internet, or a business district saturated with wireless access points operating on the same Channel or other sources of interference)
  • Putting your company’s correct server address in the server field before keying in your username and password.
  • During installation putting the correct SmartClient ID for your company.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 is installed – Download

Also check the Ellie Mae Status Center to make sure everything is fully operational. For each situation I will attempt to include the error message, troubleshooting steps and resolution whenever possible.

When Attempting to Print Disclosures

Error message #1 – Application Error An error occurred. Please contact the administrator with the following information: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Error message #2 – Encompass360 The Adobe Acrobat Print Dialog failed to show. Please try printing again. If the problem persists, your version of Adobe Acrobat may not be supported.

Solution – Updating Adobe Acrobat X to the latest version, repairing it, and restarting the computer fixed the issue for me.

If you have both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader installed I would suggest un-installing Reader first since it is the free, limited feature version. Ultimately this decision will be based on which Adobe product you have that is compatible with Encompass so refer to the System Requirements, and verify your Adobe product is set as the default program for PDFs.

Initial Troubleshooting Setups – First I had Deleted the Encompass and eFolder printer, along with the ports they were associated with. I ran the Encompass Document Converter installation tool to completely remove it, and ran it again to re-install it. Then I ran the RemoveUAC with all boxes checked within the C:\SmartClientCache\Apps\UAC\Ellie Mae\EncompassBE folder, and afterwards ran the AppLauncher.exe to re-install the Encompass files.

Viewing Documents in the eFolder

Error Message – The following error occurred when trying to show the document: Encompass is unable to detect a supported version of Adobe Acrobat. Contact Customer Support for further assistance.

This appears to happen after an update to Internet Explorer 11.

Solution #1 – I try to System Restore before Internet Explorer 11 was installed. Go into Windows Update and View update history to determine when it was installed. After a successful System Restore go back into Windows Updates and be sure to hide Internet Explorer 11 so it doesn’t come back. To hide an update simply right-click it and select Hide Update. Do not simply try to un-install Internet Explorer 11 instead of doing a System Restore because I have not had success doing that.

Solution #2 – This one is a bit more time consuming if System Restore is turned off or unsuccessful. First un-install IE 11 and hide it so it doesn’t come back. If this is a WORKGROUP PC create a new profile and copy\merge all the user’s folders into the new profile after logging into it. Folders such as Desktop\My Documents\Downloads\My Music\My Pictures\My Videos\Favorites (IE, Chrome, Firefox), setup e-mail again with signature and be sure to copy any archive.pst files over and open those within Outlook.

If this is a domain PC restart the computer and log into a different profile with admin rights. Then follow these instructions to re-create the problematic profile and be sure to copy all folders and configure all necessary settings.

Attempting to Open\Upload PDF to Encompass

Error Message – Application Error An error occurred. Please contact the administrator with the following information: LoadFromFile failed: PdfCanNotOpenFile

Solution – Upon further review the PDF in question was 0 KB in size and therefore wasn’t created correctly and was corrupted. User needed to re-scan the documents or ask the client to re-submit.

Encompass360 Home Page Message

Error Message – For security reasons, your session is no longer active. Please click Continue to access the Home Page.

Solution – Check the date and time of the computer, and also set the correct time zone.

 Attempting to View a Word Document

Error Message – Encompass360 The application cannot initialize Microsoft Word. Please confirm that MS Word is properly installed before opening custom letter.

Solution – User has Microsoft Office Starter edition installed which isn’t compatible with Encompass and will need to obtain a compatible version of Microsoft Office. See System Requirements.

Attempting to Export Report to Microsoft Excel

Error Message – Encompass360 An error has occurred while generating the report: Microsoft Excel cannot paste the data.

Solution – Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 – Download

 Attempting to Upload or View a PDF Document

Error Message #1 – Encompass360 The following error occurred when trying to build the document: PDF header signature not found.

Error Message #2 – The following error occurred when trying to prepare the document: PDF header signature not found.

Solution – This appears to be an issue with the PDF document itself, usually due to some kind of security or password protection. Remove the password protection if the password is available, otherwise you can try to print out the document to a printer and scan it back in to circumvent the security as long as printing wasn’t disabled either.

Trying to print the secured document to the Adobe PDF printer as a workaround will fail with the message:

ProductName: Distiller The PostScript file was created from an encrypted PDF file. Redistilling encrypted PDF is not permitted.

Attach Encompass Forms

Error Message – Encompass 360 Error getting mail merge object: Call was rejected by callee. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010001 (RPC_E_CALL_REJECTED)) Do you want to retry?

Solution – A reboot resolves this error. Also you can check on this registry key based on this article here.

Error Opening Document #1

Error Message – Encompass360 Error opening document: You are attempting to open a file type that is blocked by your File Block settings in the Trust Center. Do you want to retry?

Solution – Depending on your version of Microsoft Word you can go under File –> Option. Then go to Trust Center –> Trust Center Settings. The go down to File Block Settings and uncheck the file type that is being blocked, or simply click Restore Defaults at the bottom right and click OK. Refer to this article for further information on different versions of Office.

Error Opening Document #2

Error Message – Encompass360 Error opening document: The Open2000 method or property is not available because permission for this document is currently restricted. Do you want to retry?

Solution – In Microsoft Word navigate to File –> Options, down to Trust Center and then click the Trust Center Settings button. From there go to the Protected View and uncheck Enable Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations. Also from the previous solution you can go into the File Block Settings within the Trust Center and remove check marks or Restore Defaults. Read this article for further information.


Error Message – Encompass DLL Error A serious error has occurred. Please contact Ellie Mae for assistance. Exception thrown in CEMBAMWrapper

Solution – Check whether the user is on a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and apply the CEM registry patch to the computer and restart.

 Multi-User Editing in Loan File

Error Message – Loan file merge failed: Exception while merging loan files. (Message:Exception while merging loan files.

Solution – Known issue when multi-user editing is on within the loan file, so that can be turned off to prevent error. Original user within the loan should still be able to save information. However other user’s information will be lost.

 Anti-virus and Encompass360

Error Message – If you try to open Encompass360 and suddenly you get a long error message, sometimes it can be due to the anti-virus marking Encompass360 as a false-positive.

Solution – Avast! and AVG in the past have deleted Encompass files rendering it un-usable. To verify if that is the case first disable the anti-virus and then re-install Encompass360. If Encompass works after that you may have to add the Encompass360 folder to the exceptions\trusted list of the anti-virus software.

Printer Error Code -20 -30 -41

Error Message – Activation Error Printer not activated, error code (-20, -30, -41)

Solution – Delete the Encompass and eFolder printers, and then un-install the Encompass Document Converter from the Add\Remove Programs. After that delete the PDF port the Encompass printer creates, and also the eFolder port the eFolder printer creates. Re-install all 3 printers and make sure the Encompass printer is set to Local Port – PDF and the eFolder printer is set to Local Port – eFolderPort.

Object Has Been Deleted

Error Message – An Error occurred Please contact the admin with the following info Object has been deleted

Solution – Delete the Encompass and eFolder printers, and then un-install the Encompass Document Converter from the Add\Remove Programs. After that delete the PDF port the Encompass printer creates, and also the eFolder port the eFolder printer creates. Re-install all 3 printers and make sure the Encompass printer is set to Local Port – PDF and the eFolder printer is set to Local Port – eFolderPort.

Remote Host Has Lost All Information

Error Message – Encompass360 The following error occurred when trying to upload the file: The remote host has lost all information about us. It is recommended to resubscribe to all remote host’s events.

Solution – Log out of Encompass and then log back in.

Viewing PDF in eFolder with Adobe Acrobat 9

Error Message – Adobe Acrobat Insufficient data for an image.

Solution – Usually happens with Adobe Acrobat 9. You can attempt to see if there is a newer update for 9 otherwise you may have to install Adobe Reader X or XI. After installation make sure Reader is set as the default PDF handler.

Viewing Documents Freezes\Crashes with Adobe Acrobat 9

Solution – From the Edit menu select Preferences. Under Categories on the left select Documents. Set “Remember  files in Organizer History for:” to Don’t remember PDFs.

If you have any additional information or troubleshooting tips for Encompass360 please post them in the comments section, thanks!


  1. This is amazing. There are a few issues in here that I’d already run into and spent a lot of time troubleshooting but there are also some new (to me) ones and one in particular I’ve been struggling with. Thank you so much for posting this article!

    (I emailed the link to my assistant, who responded “Oh my god. Where. Did. You. Find. This…. its magical.”)

    Network Admin

  2. Thanks for the feedback Christy, glad this article was able to help you out. I actually have a few more solutions I have yet to post up so I’ll do that soon, these were the ones that I have been encountering the most lately. Also if you have any solutions I’m missing let me know and I’ll post those up.

  3. Great tips, thanks!!! I’ve run into a few of those myself. Their Knowledge Base doesn’t really “know” very much of these things. I ended up here googling for an error a user of mine is getting when printing from Encompass, have you seen before something like “Error installing eFolder Print Driver. Contact Ellie Mae Customer Support” blah blah blah and then “Failed to connect to an IPC Port: The system cannot find the file specified.”? Been battling that one for quite some time with no results…

  4. Hi Carla that does sound very familiar, although I haven’t seen it in a while. What Windows operating system is that, I think I came across that on a cluttered Windows XP box. Maybe try running sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt just to check any Windows System Files for corruption. After that remove the Encompass eFolder and the eFolderPort – Local Port if it remained, re-install the Encompass eFolder and try again. If that doesn’t fix it try logging into a different user profile on the computer and see if you are able to log into Encompass with that same user and try to re-create the issue. IF the print job goes through at that point it could be a user profile issue which would need to be re-created. (Restart computer and log into a different administrative account, rename problem account to c:\users\username.old and edit related registry key as indicated in this article) You will have to merge the user’s folders, setup e-mail and load any archives again into the new folder it creates from the .old folder.

    Also it could be some kind of corrupted registry issue or disabled service and this tool below works great to restore those kinds of issues

    Run the portable version of this Windows Repair AIO and go straight to the Repairs tab, and click Open Repairs. You can put checkmarks next to 01 Reset Registry Permissions, 02 Reset File Permissions, 03 Reset Service Permissions, 04 Register System Files, 05 Repair WMI. and 27 Set Windows Services to Default Startup, then try to re-start the computer and follow the steps above to redo the Encompass eFolder printer and try again. If that doesn’t do it might just want to consider backing up the user’s files and doing a fresh install\image on that computer. Let me know if any of those steps fixed the issue and I’ll post it up!

  5. I log in to encompass perfectly fine but now i cant see any pages of a client on the encompass client. All pages are completely blank

  6. Hi Leonardo, what is the version of Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat\Reader in use? Also take a screenshot of the issue and upload it to and I’ll take a look if you share the link. Make sure Internet Explorer is the default browser and the same for your Adobe Reader\Acrobat product. You may also have to repair the Adobe and Office installation and restart.

  7. Hi,
    I noticed your page has more helpful information than Encompass’ KB site. I was wondering if you ever ran in to this error message with eFolder.
    I am not a named contact on the account so I can not phone them for support. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.



    • Hi Keith, has the user tried logging into Encompass on a different computer to see if they can re-create the issue on a different PC? If the same message occurs on a different computer I wonder if it has to do with their Encompass persona that the department in charge of creating the account could adjust? Otherwise if it does work on a different computer, try deleting the Encompass eFolder, and also the Local Port eFolderPort, and then re-installing the eFolder printer to see if that resolves the issue. Might be good to see if the computer has the Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 pre-requisite installed also.

      Also, instead of attaching to the eFolder can the user print to the eFolder instead and see if that works?

      • Johnny,

        After receiving Activation Error Printer not activated, error code -20; I removed the printers; how do I re-install them though?

        Thank you,

        • I’ll see if I can dig up the installers for Encompass, eFolder, and EDC printers, otherwise un-installing and re-installing Encompass should take care of those printers as well.

  8. Good help, thanks Johnny…I have installed Encompass on my computer…(after removing it and reinstalling it (changed jobs)…I get a message saying that my smart client ID needs to be entered but there is no place to enter it…any ideas?

  9. I have a user that is trying to install Encompass and when they get to SmartClient Core install, it fails. Any ideas? I used Revo un-installer to remove Encompass and cleaned the registry of it. This is the error he is receiving.

    • Sounds like something related to the Windows Installer component, based on that screenshot are you on Windows 8\8.1? You can try these articles here Error 1722
      and if that doesn’t do it run the Windows AIO Repair – Portable and go straight to the Repair tab, uncheck everything except #21 Repair MSI (Windows Installer) and see if either of those help.

  10. While I am attempting to generate a report and export to Excel, I am receiving the error message: “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”. I have attempted to get my IT to fix this, but I haven’t heard back from them yet and I have to run these reports! Please help! Thanks!

  11. Hi Johnny,
    We have been having problems with our custom forms print group. We have added a new word document to the custom forms print group. When some users try to print the group with the new document, it will print everything up to that particular document. This happens for some users, but not all. Any ideas?

    • Try going into MS Word and disabling the Adobe PDFMaker Add-in if there is one, and set the default Margins under Page Layout to be Narrow instead of Normal. Usually when it gets stuck on a custom form I’ll go the Task Manager and go to the processes to end WINWORD.exe. Hopefully those setting changes will fix the issue the next time you log into Encompass. Does this happen with Office 2007 or a different version?

  12. JohnnyIT, this information is invaluable. Thank you for sharing. We’re seeing an issue where a user can print preview items in “Form Groups” just fine but actually printing sometimes hangs with the message: “Preparing Forms – Now preparing forms for printing… Completed 0 of 6”. Have you seen this before? Any ideas? Manually restarting the print spooler seems to fix it temporarily but we’re hoping to find the root cause.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Getting stuck on a custom form? I’d check the active processes under Task Manager to see if WINWORD.EXE is there, might have to set the default margins as Narrow within MS Word and even disable the Adobe PDF add-in.

  13. Great Article, keep em coming… Had that PdfCanNotOpen one from one of our users this morning. These “ALL” should be in the SDK documentation or somewhere on the EllieMae site.


  14. Thank you Johnny for all these tips.
    I am running into one of the common problems and havent been able to find a fix. I just installed Microsoft Office 2010 because I had been using 2003 and it was becoming outdated. I didn’t go to 2013 because everyone in my office that has 2013 is not able to preview custom forms. I was told by encompass support that 2010 is what they use and will work just fine. Turns out 2010 is not working. I can’t preview or even print any custom form. After spending all day Sunday installing it and then all day Monday and Tuesday on the phone will encompass having them uninstall and reinstall MS2010 it is still not working. I went aroundmy office and tested everyone’s computer and it seems the only people who are able to preview custom forms are the people with Microsoft Office 2007 installed. The way the encompass tech support leftit was that it is a Microsoft issue and that they have ever heard of this problem. basically they don’t know.
    I am about to go out and try to buy MS 2007 but thought I would try seeking your help first. Any suggestions?

    • Might be the Office 2010 Starter, or Home & Student edition which isn’t compatible –

      • I just took my computer to our IT guy that builds our computer for work. He completely rebuilt my hard drive and installed a licensed version of Microsoft Office Professional 2010. He still could not get encompass to print or preview any custom forms. He said it has to be a problem with encompass. He tried calling the but they wouldn’t couldn’t talk to him with out our client ID which he didn’t have. When I picked it up he suggested i give them a call. I told him I had already tried that and they were not able to fix the problem. Next step he said would be to uninstall encompass and whipe all encompass files and programs off and then try reinstalling it. I guess the first time I uninstalled encompass it must have still left some files on my computer. He suggested using something called REVO uninstaller. Do you think this will work?

  15. Johnny, we are getting an error message when we try and open documents for full view from the efolder>>Document details>>View in Original Format path. The error message is “There are no documents to display in original format” and one document that consistently displays this message for all users is the flood certificate that is pulled directly from the services tool in Encompass. Any idea on how to resolve this? Thanks!

  16. We have all new workstations with Adobe 11.0.0. Users are experiencing (inconsistently) issues where they save a pdf to their desktops and are able to view it just fine. Then, upon uploading to the efolder, extra characters appear. Not “garbage” characters but one letter that appears throughout the document being viewed within the efolder.

    It happens on various machines (all with the same version 11.0.0 of reader and all pdf’s created with version 11.0) . Ellie Mae tried uninstalling Encompass entirely, removing Adobe reader 11.0, then reinstalling Encompass with no luck.

    The Ellie Mae rep viewed the same pdf within Encompass efolder on their end and had no issue seeing it properly. The help desk person has Adobe version 11.10 so maybe updating my version of Adobe to the latest will help?

    • For sure, sometimes telling Adobe Acrobat to update to the latest version does the trick. i.e. from 11.0 to 11.10 or whatever the latest 11.XXX version may be.

  17. We have a Citrix environment where 1 user can print the forms and another user doesn’t have any of her printers listed in the print dialogue drop down box. Have any ideas?

  18. PS… this is the only Encompass help I’ve found. Thank you very much!!!

    • Glad to help, I’m in a different department now and this is an older Encompass version so I will probably not answer any more questions beyond this one. Outside of Citrix on the local side I’d suggest removing any unnecessary printers, and re-installing the necessary printer driver with the latest version. I saw a situation similar to this where FoxIt was within the Citrix environment which installed a PDF printer driver, and the end-user also had Fox It installed on their local side with a printer driver as well. After removing the FoxIt PDF printer on the local side, all the printers showed up again in the Citrix environment. So it would be some printer on the local side conflicting or that needs to be updated. Also on a side note I’ve seen issues printing within Citrix and MS Word where it prints blank pages. The solution was to uncheck “Enable advanced printing features” under the Advanced tab of the printer driver on the local side. Hope this helps.

  19. Thank you!!

  20. Update:
    I logged on to the thin client as an administrator. I did not find any printers installed locally on the thin client. I added the one printer she wants to be able to print to within Encompass. I had the employee log on to Citrix and the printer showed up in her list. Thank you for sending me in the right direction!

    Comments are now CLOSED for this article as it is dated and newer versions of Encompass are out.

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