Increasing Your Mobile Device’s Battery Capacity

The ability to accomplish various activities with the assistance of a smartphone or tablet can be cut short when it comes to limited battery life. These mobile devices coupled with GPS help to guide us through the concrete blocks of sculpted structures and underground into the train track laden tunnels of cities such as San Francisco or Chicago. In an unknown location these handheld electronics help us find an edible meal, or check-in to an international flight when approaching the day of liftoff. While turning down or off certain settings may help extend battery life during crucial situations, finding a way to increase your battery capacity takes it to the next level.

Higher Capacity Battery


For my model of phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S3 I was able to take the bacPicture of phone with old and new batteryk cover off and have easy access to the battery which was a Samsung NFC with a 2100 mAh capacity. After replacing it with a 4500 mAh battery I found on, I was able to extend my battery life from 1 day to over 2 and a half days. I don’t use this phone for business calls, just a few personal calls per day, checking e-mail, visiting websites and streaming music so your mileage may vary. This battery is considerably thicker than the stock battery so the package did include a custom made rear cover to accommodate for this larger battery.

A few things to consider when making this kind of purchase:

  • Is your battery easily accessible or replaceable? – Can you remove the cover by hand or do you require tools to access it
  • Your original battery’s mAh capacity to compare with
  • Dimensions of battery – Will it require a custom made back cover, if so do they include it in the purchase
  • If you do require a new back cover – Will the color match your phone, or if the dimensions are larger will you need a new phone case
  • Additional weight added to your phone – I usually carry my phone in my pants or jacket pocket and I didn’t mind the minimal weight it added
  • Will the new battery include any features your old battery had – My old Samsung battery has a NFC feature, so I made sure my replacement battery included that as well.

 Integrated Case and Battery Combo


If your batteryBatteryCase is not easily accessible or if you want an easier all-in-one solution, these protective cases for your phone or tablet with a built-in battery pack may be an option. If you previously added a protective clear cover to prevent scratches on the screen, make sure you have the room to slide these cases on depending on the kind of case you get and how it fits on. With this type of purchase you may want to go into a store and work with a customer service agent to see if you can try the case on your mobile device first before making a purchase.

 Portable Battery Packs


Portable battery packs are separate ExternalBatterydevices that are first charged to full capacity. Then when you are on the go or traveling and the battery life of your phone or tablet gets low, you simply plug them into these battery packs. Depending on the type of battery pack you get you can either plug it directly into your mobile device, or for larger packs you plug in with your USB cable. Some of these even allow multiple devices to be plugged in at once. If you plan to also charge a tablet be sure to get a pack with a large mAh capacity. (15,000+ mAh)


Do Your Research


Finding reviews and ratings online for potential purchases on sites such as Google or Amazon will help you sort through the abundance of options and narrow down your choice between a few products. Once you receive your purchase be sure to follow any included instructions to maximize your enjoyment. Now whether traveling or simply enjoying music while BBQing at a state park, you will be able to extend your experience between charges with your mobile device.






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