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Since a young age I have owned a computer and have had a curiosity for electronics and technology. After getting laid off in 2009 I decided to pursue a career in the IT field and obtained a degree as an IT – Network Specialist at Madison College. I started this site to share information about harnessing computers and technology to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

With this website I hope to encourage the reader to take the time to learn the features of their computer, cellphone, printer or software. I have learned that answers to problems are spread across multiple locations on the Internet. Using the proper keywords to search for answers on google.com will have you traverse the networked landscape of blogs, company support websites, help articles, forums, videos, and beyond.

It is through this quest for knowledge that I bring you helpful articles on computer software & hardware, smartphones and their apps, and other devices. This website has been optimized for computers, smartphones and other mobile devices so place a link in your bookmarks\favorites.JohnnyIT

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